The SOTA Cyberdragons are actively seeking sponsors to further develop our team. The team would accept sponsorship at any level.

What are the benefits?


  • Team need: direct funding, scholarships
  • Sponsors need: community outreach, payment to 501(c) or equivalent organization


  • Teams need: excess equipment (tools, computers), raw building materials (lumber), 
  • Sponsors need: tax deduction write-off at full value rather than scrap


  • Teams need: mentors: engineers, machinists but also publicists, marketing, project management
  • Sponsors need: revitalized staff and a source of loyal interns/future employees


  • Teams need: machine shops, meeting places, practice space
  • Sponsors need: insurance/liability coverage, coordination with non-production time


  • Teams need: to attract sponsors/mentors/students and to have a visible positive presence for existing sponsors and school administration
  • Sponsors need: community name recognition

How can I Sponsor the Team?

Your company can support our team in 3 ways:

  • Monetary Contribution (Check)
  • Mentors
  • Excess tools and equipment

Monetary Contribution (Check)

The most basic and easiest way to support our establishment. 


In order for us to develop and learn, experience must be a primary factor. Mentors will guide, teach, and explore our organization for further development
List of Mentor Opportunities

Excess Tools and Equipment

Donations of software, hardware, power tools, electronics, literally anything would benefit our team.