FIRST Steamworks is the game for the 2017 FIRST Robotics Competition. The game is played by two alliances of three teams each. Their robots compete on a field by scoring wiffleballs which represent fuel into a simulated boiler which transfers the generated steam into an airship in the middle of the field. Each alliance has one airship, which they pressurize with steam from the boiler and load with plastic gears from the field. At the end of the match, robots can hang on team-supplied ropes attached to the airship for additional points. 

SQUISH - The Robot


Competition History

San Francisco Regional March 16-19, 2017
Capital City Classic 2017   —    Playoffs
Madtown Throwdown  2017   —   Top Gear Bot   —  Playoffs

2017 Imagery Award in honor of Jack Kamen

The team displayed creativity through the costumes and Steampunk themed items the members wore.

San Francisco Regional Dean's List Award

Awarded to Roman Dimov for his outstanding achievement and commitment to the team.

Robot Abilities

  • 6 wheel drive with 6 in. wheels to rapidly traverse the vast field
  • 14 ft/s top speed, single speed gearbox
  • Wide floor gear intake used to pick up the Gear game pieces and hang them onto the Airship.
  • Vision tracking used to automatically place gears on all three pegs consistently in autonomous
  • Fast Rope-climber allows robot to climb a 4 ft. long rope in under two seconds